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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Dec 10 22:48:48 CST 2001

Hey Amanda...

Too bad you're not on thesite .. however, I'm going to bring up another
issue on here that might make things easier for everyone.  Yes, all samples,
discussions, etc. were on thesite .. as that's the list for, well the site
;) .. i.e. production, development, deployment of new features, etc.

Anyway ...

Your sample introduces a number of different CSS classes .. which is one of
the main things we were trying to avoid.  :(

I agree with Jeff that the pic needs to be at the top, not the bottom .. it
looks odd.

What happened to the Other Articles Written by this Author?  Did you leave
that off intentionally?  It was one of the features approved before CodeFest
.. and has undergone numerous reiterations.  You don't want that?

Jeff, you mentioned using black as the border .. I'm guessing you meant just
for this css iteration?  i.e. use sidebar's border colour, not black
border/sides ?  (If you meant keep it black, then that doesn't exist in the
current css .. not all sides anyway.)

*the exhausted one*


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