[Theforum] Why do so many people care?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue Dec 11 09:27:05 CST 2001

At 08:55 PM 12/11/2001, Elfur Logadottir typed these words:
>| should i start with as site map?


Huh? Has Madhu lost it, you ask?

Let me explain:

1) For a site map, you need to know *what's going to be on the site.
2) To know what' should be on the site, we've conducted a survey.
3) These survey results will be an important part of any redesign plan.
4) Since these results aren't in yet, let's not jump the gun


Hold off for a few more days (that's when the survey ends). In a week, we 
should all have meaningful data to work from.


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