[Theforum] Editor's Guidelines - Draft 2

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Dec 11 09:39:34 CST 2001

Hey folks ..


I made a few minor additional changes to this document .. specifically
target="_blank" put back in instead of "new", and I added info and a sample
on how to code internal links.  (Jeff, please verify?)

As much as I like Joel's new how to how to article, I'm not sure it fits
into this guideline?

A few people had suggested to me the other day that this should be an FAQ
article .. for everyone to view.  What do others think?  I don't think
there's anything strictly confidential in this document.  But would it add
confusion to the masses (by adding it as an FAQ), and only be useful to the
small number of Admins?

I'd like to find a home for this document.



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