[Theforum] Friendly Reminder - List Management

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Dec 11 22:37:00 CST 2001

Hi folks ..

Some of us were chatting earlier tonight in IRC .. and one of the things
mentioned was that the there seem to be some confusion on the distinction
between thesite and theforum mailing lists.

leo describes the two sites well, what the purposes are for each list, etc.

An easier way to think about the distinction is:

What we do - theforum is to discuss what we (the collective group) are going
to do.

How we do it - thesite takes those features/ideas/suggestions and implements
them; this ranges from design prototypes, to actual programming to usability
testing.  Note, [bug] reports are also posted and dealt with on thesite.  By
the way, thesite refers to all evolt.org projects, such as d.e.o., not just
the w.e.o. web site.

I will say this for thesite list, it does very well for using effective
subject lines, which makes it that much easier to get bug fixes done (at
least on teo), changes/improvements decided upon and made when necessary,
i.e. how to fix the CSS files, etc.

Now, its understandable that many members cross-over among all, some or most
of the various evolt.org lists.  And that is fine.  It is also fine that one
doesn't have to be on all of them, and in fact each person picks and chooses
where they wish to donate their time... how they can serve the community
better.  If that's by providing direction and ideas or by programming and
designing prototypes ... and as is the case with many of us, a combination
of both.

And, finally another list .. thechat.  It speaks for itself.  :)

I'd like to encourage everyone to make a concentrated effort to bring back
the focus of this list.  Send ALL discussions which deal with the "how to
implement a project" back to thesite (where they belong), and to try to
remember to send the chat offline or to thechat mailing list.

Thanks to everyone for their continued efforts.  I'm really happy about
evolt these days.  Lots of good things for the new year. :)



btw, who's buying the bday cake and beer on Friday ?  ;)

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