[Theforum] Sharing an evolt Christmas

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Wed Dec 12 12:06:55 CST 2001

Miriam Frost wrote:

> Care to clarify what that is?

hi mimi:

1- the participants' names are written in pieces of paper
2- the little papers are put in a black bag and mixed
3- each one picks out a paper (if it's her own name, she puts it back)
4- that name is your gift recipient, you're his 'secret friend'
5- secret friends send gift to their recipients
6- recipient has a hard time guessing who his secret friend was

7- other option is after everyone gets his present, we all reveal our


only thing is we can't actually do it that, way, but someone does the
secret sorting
and tells each one who their recipient is :)

my participation is depending on the average price of gift we settle
it was very fun last year

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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