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Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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Tiny question on what was a great email - did I miss the elections for

I'd also like to challenge the quip about Boards of Directors - there's
no automatic link between Boards of Directors and needing profitability.

If set up openly, fairly and democratically, and accountable to a
they are a highly effective way of ensuring that an organisation is run
responsibly (ie in alignment with the aims of the organisation, within any
appropriate regulations and able to demonstrate the above).

As a group of people, they're also less subject to whims than a
self-appointed individual.

I think you're absolutely bang on with the profitability thing, though. It
amazes me that we're still here and growing when so many better funded,
money-making sites aren't.


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Subject:  [thelist] list Administrivia

it seems more important than ever to
have a resource for the web dev community which isn't depandant on the
whims of a Board of Directors and the call for 'profitibility' or the
current state of banner ad prices.

- evolt.org grand-poo-bah, brazilian edition -

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