[Theforum] [survey] detail answers to question 9

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 13 20:23:08 CST 2001

I like this idea:

"It would be cool if there was a way you could pay for owed tips with cash
via PayPal or something. When I do post a question to thelist, I often spend
ten or twenty minutes trying to come up with a unique, worthwhile tip. It
would be cool if I could just make a $1 donation to evolt in lieu of a tip."

For a poor freelancer, donating can be quite hard to seriously consider, but
if you looked at it from the angle of 'got my question answered on thelist
in 5 minutes, and it cut by billable hours from 12 to 10, so I can afford to
throw in $5'...



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