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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Dec 13 21:47:03 CST 2001

At 09:14 AM 12/14/2001, isaac typed these words:
>Makes sense to split it up, but 294 between 10 is 30ish each, and I suspect
>that 25% of them at least are the type of response you mentioned, or
>Shall we just do it between us? Or pick a third person?

150 each? That's a lot. We need at least two more. Unless you've already 
done most of them.

>Or get everyone to present their top 10-20 suggestions and build a priority
>list to work from?

This could introduce bias. What I consider unimportant may in fact be very 
important. I'd rather let this group decide what the best suggestions are.


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