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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Thu Dec 13 23:10:45 CST 2001

At 10:10 AM 12/14/2001, .jeff typed these words:
>no offense, but i think the author of that bit needs some therapy.  it reads
>like it's coming from someone with childhood bonding issues.

Jeff, you're really in the mood, aren't you? ;)

My agreement was mainly with the consistency issues. For example, should it 
be "your shopping cart" or "my shopping cart"?

Anyway, like blue underlined hyperlinks, people are accustomed to the use 
of "my.site.com", so we should probably stick to it, whether appropriate or 

>what on earth does using "my" have to do with babying users or being
>condescending? it's not about avoiding educating the user, it's about
>making the user feel like their a part of something. it's about using
>language that feels welcoming and inviting. "my" is welcoming. "your" is
>utterly confusing.

Agreed. This is the programmer/sysadmin bitching.

>[1] cereal made of flakes of wheat, usually referred to as "the breakfast of
>champions" as the cereal boxes have featured photographs of well known
>(usually) american sports figures practically since they were introduced.

Good to see people are doing this regularly. Nobody would've added a 
footnote a few months ago ;)



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