[Theforum] [survey] detail answers to question 9

profjj thelist at cbizz.net
Fri Dec 14 00:12:09 CST 2001

Mr. Menon,

At 09:24 AM 12/14/2001, .jeff typed these words:
>seriously though, i think my.evolt.org is the way to go (and
>short and easy to type).  if not that, then you've got my vote for

I generally dislike my.anysite.com for reasons that are well outlined in

this article:


I don't see any logic in this article over a 2 letter word "my".   I
don't see any point brought across in this article that strongly would
sway anyone here as to why "my" shouldn't be used. 

Not being biased about the writer (don't know them) or any, but maybe it
can be a candidate for j.e.o, jokes.evolt.org, and maybe along with
jokes that IT people get throughout their day to day activities, stuff
like this could go up on that section. ;)



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