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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Dec 14 06:43:20 CST 2001

Looks like it's survey season ;)

Digital Web is also conducting a survey. Damn, I didn't realise that they 
had been around for FIVE years! Did any of you?


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>Subject: Digital Web Magazine survey
>- Digital Web Magazine -
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>A call to our readers:
>Over five years ago I started a web site designed to appeal to the web
>designer and web developer.  Today that site has evolved into what you
>now see as Digital Web Magazine.  Continuing the tradition of putting
>our readers first and foremost, we invite you to take a survey.  We
>will use the responses from the survey to help improve Digital Web
>Magazine and to ensure that we are appealing to you, the readers.
>So help us develop more engaging content and produce more issues with
>topics that you are interested in.  Taking this survey is the first
>step in that direction.
>We are using Zoomerang to conduct this survey and it will run until
>12/23/2001 (that's the Sunday after next).  It will take just about
>eight minutes to complete and will be completely anonymous.
>Time: about 8 minutes
>URL: http://www.digital-web.com/survey/
>Thank you in advance,
>- The staff of Digital Web Magazine

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