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javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Fri Dec 14 11:01:45 CST 2001

hey, i analysed it also, fantastic
there are some very useful simple ideas that could be quick to add

IMO, now we've got enough material for the year of work

what i'm thinking to do with the "3rd year edition" project
is to add and document all the features we'll be adding for the next stsge.
and get them live as they are being built

it will be a lot of work on the build side
i've been very excited doing all the IA for our site, i love it
i have no problem finishing it all
want some help on testing before they get implemented though

these suggestions give me a nice picture of what the final site will be like
it's really neat

there is an interesting suggestion twice:
"don't add too much features, keep it simple and focused"
anyway i think we can find a way to add new stuff while keeping
it clean and focused: clean and clear IA and solid navigation for "location"

isaac wrote:

>         http://members.evolt.org/isaac/evolt/suggestions.html
>  - too hard to find/search list archives (plus other evolt.org things)

others say the search is superb, i'd go for the 'search tips on the page idea'

>  - we need far more articles, especially tutorials/how-to's

we have to cheer up people to write more, lower the psycological barrier

>  - thelist is very high traffic and we could consider splitting it

i was thinking about it this morning, would it be possible to have like,
the same list divided in two (front - back [end]) but let people opt if they
get only one or both?

>  - consider sub-categories on WEO, especially within Code

that would be nice, lots of work classifiying, but it's become necessary given

the amount of articles

there were also many comments on the navigation, i think that my plan for
the complete IA revision could solve many, a categories menu is needed IMO

more later...

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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