Sub-categories (was Re: [Theforum] [survey] refined suggestions online)

Chris Spruck cspruck at
Sat Dec 15 13:32:08 CST 2001

>isaac wrote:


> >  - consider sub-categories on WEO, especially within Code
>that would be nice, lots of work classifiying, but it's become necessary 
>given the amount of articles
>there were also many comments on the navigation, i think that my plan for
>the complete IA revision could solve many, a categories menu is needed IMO

I glanced over the archive for the last 3-4 months of thesite and didn't 
see anything on the sub-category idea, so I'd definitely like to be 
involved with the development of sub-categories if/when it comes to 
fruition. I've already looked at the titles of all the Code articles and it 
wouldn't be that hard to classify them. I'm about to join thesite 
(finally), so I'll be there as well for when the doing gets going.

My first thought after going over the Code titles - not to complicate it 
already, but might there be a need for articles to be found in multiple 
sub-cats? Just imagining articles like "How to grill a salmon with 
JavaScript and Perl" - which Code category would that be? (Madhu - don't 
say! hehe). I think there should be a general code category 
for more conceptual stuff that's not specific to a given language, but I 
don't think the "Do something with X and Y languages" articles should be 
lost in Code>General.


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