Sub-categories (was Re: [Theforum] [survey] refined suggestions online)

rudy r937 at
Sat Dec 15 17:41:00 CST 2001

>Is this time to revive the 1-many relationship? Rudy?

the database is the least of our worries -- there was a structure in place
a couple years ago but i think it's gone now (it was obviously never

the bigger problem is how to wrap our minds conceptually around the idea
that an article can belong to more than one category

- how to specify them on the submission form
- whether to keep the concept of a "main" category
- should an article's multiple categories show along with the synopsis
- how do the categories affect the search logic

and most importantly

- who's gonna code it (it's not easy)

a much bigger bang for the buck, if i can offer an opinion, is to be
rigorous in defining useful categories, and moving articles if necessary

ever looked for computer books in a library?  they're all in 001 alongside
UFOs and crap -- clearly the cataloguing system did not anticipate them
well and it shows

perhaps we need to revise our vague and/or ambiguous categories

if "code" is too vague, replace it -- at the same level -- with several new

subcategories, in my opinion, would be a mistake

multiple categories for an article is a much more workable idea, but
(again, just in my opinion) not necessary


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