[Theforum] Re: Sub-categories

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Dec 16 08:31:36 CST 2001

(in fact, what does it take to call yourself an IA expert?)

unmitigated chutzpah and the desire (insecurity?) to be seen as someone
operating in the latest and most exciting area

"information architect" indeed -- feh

and note, it isn't just IA, it's "IA expert" -- feh and ptui

reminds me of the wholesale corporate flight from using the term "data
processing" to more so-called accurate labels like "management information

but fighting the practice of adopting trendy titles is like swimming
upstream, and i have other things to do

>> We need to identify articles by target audience i.e.,
>> Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Expert
> no, i say we consider skipping that because it sets an
> expectation that we can't control because level is *purely*
> subjective for each person... i'm going to *strongly* resist this
> because as a user, it's let me down nearly every time...

+1, i'm against this "skill level" classification too, for the same reason

i'm not against multidimensional cross-slicing-and-dicing by different
criteria, but i completely agree with aardvark's analysis, we're not going
to be able to plunk every article *correctly* into a


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