[Theforum] Re: Sub-categories

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Dec 16 08:31:19 CST 2001

> Sounds like you (and the guy you're citing) are strongly

nope, not necessarily

i cited the entire paragraph about categories simply to show that others
are having the same problem

can't really point to controversy by citing only one sided of it


> However, most blog-style sites (and we're one because of
> the rolling front page) aren't strongly categorised, so there's
> a disincentive to browse anyway.

i could argue that we *are* strongly categorized, since we have all our
articles in, what is it, only a dozen categories (ignore for the moment the
horrible semantic confusion between Code and Backend)

if i were looking for articles about Visual Design i would much more likely
browse that category that try to do a search

you ever done a search on evolt?  it sucks

> So just because we don't have very useful categories
> doesn't mean that the answer is abolishing them.

strongly agree (and i didn't suggest abolishing, you brought it up)

just to make it painfully obvious, i shall repeat what i said yesterday --

       perhaps we need to revise our vague and/or ambiguous categories

       if "code" is too vague, replace it -- at the same level --
       with several new categories

       subcategories, in my opinion, would be a mistake

       multiple categories for an article is a much more workable idea,
       but (again, just in my opinion) not necessary


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