[Theforum] Re: Sub-categories (by beginner/advanced)

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun Dec 16 12:37:56 CST 2001

> Plus, sometimes beginner articles have something I didn't know (becuase
> much of what I've learned is from thelist where I get bits of info here
> and there and almost never a "building tutorial" deal). But, the point is
> that there is some body on every site determining what is "beginner" and
> what is "advanced". And it really means nothiner more than "this body
> thinks this article is beginner/advanced". Helps no one other than those
> extremely seasoned with what the "body" thinks is each... and that's
> assuming that never changes (which I think it would with time... things
> would become less advanced, more beginner - IMO).

Instead of beginner/advanced, I would like to see categories based on the
commonality of the question.
English is not my first language, and I'm failing to find the proper words,
so here's an example.

I am planning on writing a little tutorial on how to get syndication news
posted on your site. It includes parsing XML files, a little explanations of
RSS but does not go very deep.  It's strictly a "how-to".
It seems most people who start with XML start with news syndication. It's a
very common way to approach XML.  So while I consider the article a
"beginner" level, it's also a "very common" question, a "first step" in a
specific technology.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you could have an article that also
deals with news syndication, for example dealing with the differences
between RSS and RDF and their different versions, which people who only want
cheap and dirty syndication wouldn't care about. It would be "advanced", but
chances are it would also be "rare", or "detailled", or whatever English
words you guys can come up with.

Am I making sense?

trying to be helpful...

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