[Theforum] Dan's 3rd birthday article

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sun Dec 16 20:48:59 CST 2001

> Evolt.org is a fairly complex system. What's wrong with 
> giving the system rights to operate as it is? 
> OK...ackowledged that the creators of the system may have had 
> somethign else in mind when they devised a method for rating 
> articles, but hell...this is the way that system is 
> responding. To me, it seems worth it to honor that...let the 
> system do what it will. Maybe you're measuring only sentiment 
> for evolt instead of 'quality of content', but so what? Why 
> not just let sentiment for evolt have as much right of 
> expression as 'the engineering of evolt'?
> someone had to say it...and even if my opinion doesn't matter 
> that much....that's really OK, because that's simply a 
> 'feature' of the system too :)

John, I like the way you think. :)

- amanda

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