[Theforum] [Fwd: SIGIA-L: perpetual hopeful push for progress]

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Jan 7 16:37:23 CST 2002

From: "javier velasco" <lists at mantruc.com>

| hey evolters:
| I've been talking to Lou Rosenfeld about the idea of bulding a
| collaboration bridge between evolt.org and the IA community.
| For example: They have fantastic ideas for list archives, so, if we
| could help build them, we could improve our own archives to state of the
| art archives.

so we are taking this on as an evolt.org project (helping sigia-l out) or
are we entering as individuals?

either way, i'm in, but i'm just curious


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