[Theforum] Advocacy .. was ... Re: Getting in the monthly recap

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 8 17:13:24 CST 2002

> One thing we might want to consider is putting a link on the
> sidebar

I like that idea. Once we've redesigned, and found places for things like
this, it'll be much easier for this kind of promotion.

I do have an idea for admin functions that will remove most of that from the
sidebar (to some extent).

> I feel really strongly about this .. we *must* do better in self-promoting
> ourselves, and reminding our list members and web site visitors what
> features exist, on a regular basis.


> What I think we really need, and this has been discussed in the past is an
> "Advocacy Person".  I'm willing to accept the position for the next, say 3

We did have a Minister for PR (McLean) in the very early days. I'm not sure
that we need someone to do all of this, but someone to fill the gaps when
others aren't writing those things is a good idea. You've got the time and
energy right now, so I won't stop you!

I do like your idea of admins/regulars occasionally using an evolt tip
instead of a regular, general tip. Those would be more or less as you've
outlined: how to add a resource to DEO, where to chat, how to plug your
personal achievements to the community, etc.

This can happen (and has informally in the past) straight away. The only
thing really waiting on the redesign (unless we're up for more clutter in
the sidebar...?) is the recap plug.

There is space in the black tab and the general links line at top right, but
we might want to avoid messing with that...


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