[Theforum] Re: Getting in the monthly recap

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Jan 8 17:31:53 CST 2002

As a temporary fix, how about if we just put something semi-permanent at 
the top of the Community News page along the lines of "If you would like 
to include an item in evolt.org's Community Monthly Recap, [link to 
comment form]let us know[/link] about it." It should also go at the end 
of every edition of the Monthly Recap.

(I know that information is available in Isaac's article "The evolt.org 
Monthly Recap", but that's not really easy to find.)

That will at least raise the submission aspect's profile a bit, then we 
can get down to brass tacks on if we want to automate it and how.

In the meantime, are all the Admins okay with everyone updating that 
article as the items come in through the form? Or should we designate 
one person?

isaac wrote:

>>my hypothetcial problem was Amy spends the month of January collecting
>>community news and writting about it for the January recap. at the same
>>time, martin is as well.
> i do know what you mean.
> if the monthly recap was somehow an open thing as it was developed, that
> could help solve that.
> remaining issue is people wanting to use it for easy bonuses to their
> articles_written count, which is largely irrelevant given that news articles
> will not be weighted as heavily as quality tutorials, etc.
> isaac
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