[Theforum] Re: Getting in the monthly recap

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 8 20:41:19 CST 2002


> From: Warden, Matt
> Ah, so this can't really be authored by a non-admin.

sure it can.  where in the system is the limitation that keeps them from
doing that?

answer:  there isn't any limitation.

an author, regardless of their priv, can view/edit their own article despite
it's approval status (new, approved, pending, denied, etc.).

> personally, i don't really see the problem with someone
> just handling it on their hard drive like everyone else
> does with every other article.

perhaps.  i think that creates more problems than it solves.  the biggest
problem with that is if you have info to add for that particular recap you
have to know who to contact.  if it's on thesite, you just go edit it and
add your stuff.  if the person writing the recap for that month has
questions, they contact you.  it's really quite simple.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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