[Theforum] Re: Getting in the monthly recap

mrg mrg at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 8 22:46:08 CST 2002

Hey y'all,
I just signed-up for theforum, so I'm scared to do this - but I'm going to

Having not seen the new sitemap (javier's pdf crashed my browser), knowing
nothing about the re-design that you are working on, etc...

Has this been discussed already?
Can't the bulk of the community news be added by regular members (like, uhh,
me) as *comments* to a brief article, the main purpose of which is to get
the ball rolling and to encourage members to post their news in the
comments? Perhaps, a monthly email to thelist which says, "go tell us your
news" with a link to the article. It might be a little sparse at the
beginning of the month, but then it could grow continuously until the next
one gets posted. Maybe the core article (by our friend "community user")
just announces it, whoever has been collecting the community news can write
a meaty comment, and everyone else writes their own. Some variation on that,
anyway. I guess that sounds unprofessional (an article without much
content), but the comments seem like a natural way to open it up - and it
removes a large part of the administration issue.

Other than that - I liked the "treat community like tips - but offlist"
thought. The tips are well archived, and easily accessible. Again, a once a
month reminder email to thelist to submit any news to the community at l.e.o
address. Kind of a "hey we'll be harvesting the community (no, not your
souls) tomorrow, so send in that news today." If they do it, great. If not,
there's always next month. This combines minimal handling with the
encouragement of easy participation from all listees.

You can tell me I'm wrong-minded, but don't waste too many words on me if
it's ground that's been amply covered.

thanks for listening.
matt garrett

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