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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Jan 8 23:05:21 CST 2002

An interesting point .... however, I'm thinking this may change.  We now
have (on teo) the new search function for comments ... which I think we need
to look at again .. once and if comment fields are changed in the db the
same way as articles have recently been changed.  This will allow searching
on the text within the comments.  I'm not sure if there are plans to change
the comment text as well?  Originally, when Jeff first added the comment
search functionality to teo, it was searching titles of both articles and
comments, but the results were really "odd" .. so, he since changed it and
restricted it to just the titles.  However, I'm of the opinion, its pretty
much useless like that (sorry, that's not meant to offend anyone).  Not sure
if anyone else has had a chance to play around with searching articles on
teo .. compared to the results on weo, I'm impressed.  (Nice work guys!)

Now, thinking to the future .. ideally it would be better to have just one
search box .. then one can narrow down the search, or select different
criteria from the advanced search page .. i.e. select only articles, or only
comments, or both (and users).

Anyway, I'm just rambling .... lol

Welcome to the other Matt .. glad to see ya on board here :)


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| And I'm glad you did. You had some excellent points. The idea of using
| comments is a good one, except that it wouldn't be searchable through the
| article search interface. Not sure if that presents a problem, though.
| Kind of like the beervolts article, I guess.

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