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Wed Jan 9 09:09:14 CST 2002

Bob Davis wrote:
> At 2:46 PM +0000 1/9/02, Olly Hodgson wrote:
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> >>  And when 5 different recaps come in, who's going to merge them? Who's
> >>  going to get the credit?
> >
> >Can we not just put as being written by "the evolt.org community" ?
> Essentially, that is what I see as happening already.  That
> particular phrase might not be there, but that's the idea.
> Remind me again why we don't have an evolt.org user or some user
> account that's not associated with a person?  Seriously - I remember
> we had this discussion with the faq's, but I think we're seeing it
> again. I remember .jeff and rudy had some thoughts on it, but I can't
> remember the actual discussion.

there's an 'evolt' user, but evolt.org would be more

(you can edit an article authored by yourself and click
'change author' for a list of users)

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