[Theforum] Re: Getting in the monthly reca

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 9 09:43:48 CST 2002

> I remember .jeff and rudy had some thoughts on it,
> but I can't remember the actual discussion.

and you think i might?

i'm afraid i'll have to plead no contest on account of advancing age

i can barely remember what colour socks i got on

[ made you look ]

when you get older, you lose three things -- your memory, your endurance,
and i can't remember what the third thing was

[ ba-dump-bump ]

do we need to pay tips on this list for posts with no signal, all noise?

discussion list archives are okay for finding a specific post, if you know
which one you're looking for and can guess who wrote it and when and maybe
some of the actual words in it (phrases would be better), but absolutely
useless for finding a specific conversation, if you know only what it's
about -- so what's the answer?  keep your own notes

"keep your own notes" may sound extremely facetious in light of my
exhortations yesterday to store metadata in the live site, but i doubt any
of us has the time to convert our own notes into good metadata for any of
our discussion list archives

further, we may not want to -- not only can you never step into the same
river twice, but we each have our own rivers

i've kept notes about certain conversations on thesite that dealt with
member pages, priv levels, and so on, but not the generic userid, so i'm as
lost as you are, bob

sadly, looking for something in the archives is an unpleasant an experience

i'd be happy just to restate my opinions in light of the current
circumstances (since, you know, it's no longer the same river, and i'm a
lot older):

   a generic evolt userid serves no purpose that cannot be served by
   an actual person, and in many cases is undesirable in comparison



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