Generic author (was RE: [Theforum] Re: Getting in the monthly reca)

mccreath mccreath at
Wed Jan 9 10:00:00 CST 2002

> From: rudy
> i'd be happy just to restate my opinions in light of the current
> circumstances (since, you know, it's no longer the same river, and i'm a
> lot older):
>    a generic evolt userid serves no purpose that cannot be served by
>    an actual person, and in many cases is undesirable in comparison
> helps?
> rudy

I remember having the conversation, as well, and aside from the reason
listed above, I can't remember any against having a generic author. Are
there technical ones?

But that was before the cubes and idea of many, many people throwing tidbits
into one article. I think the community news may actually warrant the
addition of generic user account.

Another option would be changing the real person's credit to "editor"
instead of "author", but I like the idea of the monthly recap being posted
by ""

David "Bored with the old subject line" McCreath

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