[Theforum] Printing and DIV's, etc....

Jason.Montague at firstar.com Jason.Montague at firstar.com
Wed Jan 9 15:28:48 CST 2002

Sorry for the length...

I have created a Domino form for the web and I am freezing the Button Bar
at the top with this piece of code:

   Height: 0px ;
   Width: 100% ;
   overflow: auto ;
<div id="Body" class="documentBody">

var bodyElement = document.body.all['Body'] ;

function LayoutBodyElement() {
 bodyElement.style.posHeight = document.body.offsetHeight -
bodyElement.offsetTop ;
} // LayoutBodyElement

// Initialize everything when the document is ready
function document.onreadystatechange() {
 document.body.scroll = "no" ;
 LayoutBodyElement( ) ;
 // Handle all resize events
 window.onresize = LayoutBodyElement;
} // document.onreadystatechange

The problem I am having is trying to PRINT this form.  When I use the
File-Print command, I will only get the first page of the form (whats
visible in the browser at the time).  BUT, I need to be able to PRINT the
entire document.

Any suggestions????

Thanks for your help,


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