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Stuff I sent to Admin earlier which is probably relevant,
for those who didn't see it there or in the public archive.

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> Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers
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> Seb
> If we had such a tool which harvested things like this from
> thechat, that'd be great. At the moment, we don't. And it would
> still take some seeding/reminders before it became a regular thing
> which most members did as a matter of course, the way <tips> are.
> Which together means that it's still going to be some time before
> it's running sweetly.
> I also think there is a place for an *edited* selection (edited
> not in terms of selection so much as compiling, cross-relating
> and adding stuff like a link to Morbus' second OS X/Apache
> article which had come out by the end of the month). And
> part of the reason for having the article:
> http://evolt.org/article/The_evolt_org_Monthly_Recap/27/18210/index.html
> was to have it as a retrospective.
> But there's another question here, which we've already
> discussed before - is stuff about evolt authored (and credited
> to) an individual? Stuff like FAQs, announcements etc. Current
> practise is that it is. If we don't like that practise, we can revisit
> it of course, but that's a lot of articles to reassign to meta-user
> 'evolt'.
> Martin
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> Sometime around 17:35 08/01/2002, martin.p.burns at uk.pwcglobal.com did
> verily sayeth:
>> Whoever puts it in.
>> We *could* have lots of mini ones which someone then has to compile
>> into a monthly one, but it makes more sense to have one which people
>> add to as we go along.
> I personally disagree with a single (or even multiple) admin/article
> approach to this.
> What I would like to see is a <community> tag that people on [thelist] 
> can
> use, and have their <community> news harvested in the same way as 
> <tips>,
> then a monthly article automatically generated from each month's 
> community
> news. This allows us to open a new category for community news, with 
> only
> these items in it. Takes some of the onus on compilation away from 
> admins.
> This allows people to share news in near-realtime rather than once a 
> month.
> Of course, this could be a distraction away from on-topic discussion, 
> so if
> this approach is considered, then there would need to be some additions 
> to
> the FAQ, and an announcement on-list.
> I'm almost tempted to mention that we do have [thechat], but then there 
> are
> going to be people who are not subscribed to that list, and the 
> articles do
> make for an interesting advertisement of our sense of community to the
> casual visitor.
> Seb.
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