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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 10 00:20:07 CST 2002

Not the same weight .. but they should still be counted as total number of
articles written by an author.  I wrote them, I contributed to the community
in the way I can.  I'm not a technical guru like many of you.  Yet keep in
mind several of the articles I've written have required incorporation of
comments and suggestions and consensus from 10+ other individuals, that took
a fair bit of effort on my part to coordinate some of the FAQ articles, and
the current Community News article that I just wrote.

They should still *count* towards my total articles written.

If we need to come up with some fancy weighting system... I dunno what that
is at the moment nor what we'll use that information for, and/or how it will
be represented.  Whatever weighting system you decide upon, just be sure
that you aren't slapping other members' efforts in the face by saying what
they contribute is of lesser value to the community.

But total articles written is just that .. total .. no matter what kind of


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| > From: Martin
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| > Matt, sounds like you're suggesting excluding Community
| > News from the article count.
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| > Sounds sensible, and probably applies equally to News and Jobs
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| +1
| i've never thought they should carry the same weight as technical
| .jeff

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