[Theforum] Total articles ..

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Thu Jan 10 03:20:37 CST 2002

> think of the effort it takes to write a technical article 
> versus the effort it takes to write a short blurb about some 
> news you read somewhere and post a link to the story (that's 
> what the majority of the news articles are)? so, if you see 
> my point, then is it fair that one person has a total article 
> count of 50 (which are all news articles) while another has 
> 10 (all technical articles)?  shouldn't the one with 50 have 
> his article count weighted?

Well, you are making a very complex issue out of something that was
presented in a way that seemed rather simple. If you want to get into
weighting things... Well, that is a whole other discussion, no? What
about the kind of sucky articles that we've approved hoping comments
would even them out? What about the articles which aren't strictly
accurate? What about rants in commentary? How deep do you want to go?

- amanda

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