[Theforum] evolt case study (was: evolt.org to print)

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Thu Jan 10 09:14:28 CST 2002

spinhead wrote:
> Hmmmm . . . either we've got TWO Shirleys (fine with me, by the way) or
> you've changed your mind ;)
> Yeah, so .jeff had a better idea. I'm 'plus oneing' his and 'minus twoing'
> my blog idea.

Let's just do whatever is quicker, both ways are fine. 

AFAIK setting a new mail list, is quickest (let me know if
i'm wrong)

So who's opening a new [review] list?

------- FYI ---------

Louis Rosenfeld wrote:
> I want it to be simple for all involved, with the consideration that it
> *might* not result in much discussion, or last that long (ideally we'll be
> done by the end of next month).  So if it's too much trouble, let's just
> talk via email with whomever you want to include.  I can set up a Yahoo
> group in no time if necessary.

Don't worry. Our boys can set up a list even quicker than
that ;)

(my reply)



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