[Theforum] Re: [*dmin] Article Update - Community News for January 2002

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 16:54:03 CST 2002

On Thursday, January 10, 2002, at 08:58  am, A. Erickson wrote:

> In the context of our discussion, you said News, Jobs and Community
> events. I think that news is the only thing out of the three that
> *should* be counted.
>> Wouldn't that be A Bad Thing in the current economy?
> I don't think it will have any effect on the economy. If you're just
> trolling monster.com to up your cubes rating then maybe you should find
> a job. ;)

Same goes for trolling Wired, the Register, /. et al

Of course, news stories won't lead to members getting jobs,
which in the current economy are scarce things.

Do you really want to tell the community at large that you
don't want to encourage the thing which might get them work?

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