[Theforum] policy for #evolt

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 18:49:44 CST 2002

On Thursday, January 10, 2002, Marlene Bruce (marlene at members.evolt.org) said:

>If possible, and if there's more than one present, yes, I agree. And 
>maybe even if they're not, it should be discussed with another one 
>first, even if it's off IRC.

You'd have problems with that. Response times on IRC have to be that much
quicker because of the speed of the medium.

One of the reason you might need to ban someone is because they're
flooding the channel (they send huge amount of text to the channel, its
basically a DOS attack), that person would need to be kicked and banned
right away. The channel would be unusable while a lone admin went in
search of someone to ratify his decision.

There are other examples I could highlight, but I'm tired and I'm going
to bed.


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