[Theforum] policy for #evolt

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 17:50:20 CST 2002

On Thursday, January 10, 2002, at 11:27  pm, Garrett Coakley wrote:

>> In how people behave in an evolt chatroom? I would hope
>> we have 100% control. Unless we think giving our hosting
>> providers control over our content is A Good Thing.
> Sorry, should have explained further, but you should also know me better
> than to use the "hosting providers control content nightmare" dig. *;)

It wasn't you I was thinking about - for all I knew, OP *could*
have more control over our content than we'd be happy with.

> I was aiming towards the more technical level.


> As a 'for instance', the issue of logging, it wouldn't matter what 
> policy
> we came up with regard to logging. We have no control over the policy
> openprojects.net have. They could have all their servers set to log
> automatically for debug purposes.

True - look at what's happened with the AIM logs:

> All I'm saying is, there are things to be aware of. While the rest of
> evolt.org is hosted a couple of metres away from dans can of Dr Pepper,
> #evolt is hosted on an outside system. So issues might present 
> themselves
> in the future that we have no control of.

But that shouldn't prevent evolt from
a) deciding what's best for evolt
b) choosing the provider which provides the closest to it.

Doesn't mean we'll get everything we want anywhere, but
we at least have criteria to judge against.

And, it then lets us separate the question of what we *want* from
what we *can have*, so we can then make calls over how to

If we can only have 2 ops, but we want a pool of
6 (named Andy, Brian, Claire, Donna, Elaine and Fred), do
a) rotate it
b) pick two, and if so, who?
(actually, if we have a policy that Andy -> Fred are following,
and checks and balances on their fidelity to that policy, then it
won't matter anyway)

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