[Theforum] policy for #evolt

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 18:24:55 CST 2002

On Friday, January 11, 2002, at 12:20  am, A. Erickson wrote:

>> Some time back I suggested:
>> * Adrian
>> * Dan
>> * Elfur
>> * Garrett
>> * Jeff
>> * Madhu
>> * Michele
>> Without commenting on any of the existing people with ops,
>> I think all the above would make good ops. I'm sure there
>> are other people too.
> I think more than a few people should have top priveledges as well.

Sounds sensible (although I think you can only have one *owner*).
I put together that list without knowing that there were subdivisions
within ops.

> And,
> I think more than one top opp should be involved when someone is banned.

I can see the logic in that, although I can also see that
it might be valid that an op can take short-term action quickly
against someone who's being abusive and abusive and
keeps returning beyond kicks.

mmmm escalation process - what are the levels of action
and the thresholds of behaviour required before each can
be taken?

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