[Theforum] Re: policy for #evolt

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 10 22:43:56 CST 2002

Ron and everyone,

It is my understanding that none of the notification attempts were 
received. I know we can't definitively prove anything with absolute 
certainty, so we have conflicting descriptions. Conflicting 
descriptions are nearly always a non-solvable issue.

In response to Isaac's question, I would like to suggest that if a 
need for privacy arises on #evolt, those in need use /msg or start a 
temporary channel. I hope this is viewed as a reasonable request, and 
I'd like to propose that we make this another guideline for #evolt.

I feel that since all of evolt's other venues are open and accepting 
of lurkers (which promotes the community-nourishing stance of 
evolt.org, or "community building" as it were), #evolt should be that 
way as well.

I mean this warmly: I would willingly and happily consider changing 
my mind in the face of a logical argument describing the wisdom of 
the contrary, and how it promotes the global view of evolt.org.

Some of us (including me at this point) are in danger of getting 
sidetracked on an endless loop that will fade only eventually and 
leave more bad feelings. Life's too short for this, believe me.



>isaac wrote:
>>  I haven't tried to suggest that it is the issue. My q's and statements have
>  > related to the fact that the kick was especially for the purposes of a
>>  private conversation. What's so difficult about either using /msg or
>>  starting a temporary channel?
>the messages were done in several media, with no response!  after that, it is
>reasonable to consider the IRC session dead and kill it.  no?

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