[Theforum] policy for #evolt

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 11 10:32:58 CST 2002

On Friday, January 11, 2002, at 01:03  am, Miriam wrote:

>> Well, I think it's one thing to kick someone out and quite another to
>> ban someone. That doesn't seem fair or right.
> If a user has auto-rejoin set it may be a necessity. It can be reversed,
> too.

Of course. The question is "how long?"

So I'm thinking along the lines of
1) Until the user has agreed to desist from whatever behaviour
     earned the kick in the first place
2) For as long as an agreed number of ops (may only be 1 other,
     depends on whatever thresholds we decide) extends it"

(I would think that a permanent ban would have to come here
or Admin, depending on how we agree the administration of
#evolt should be handled)

Of course, all incidents requiring intervention should be
reported to other ops pretty much straight away and recorded
for the benefit of other ops, and evolt at large to defend the
op in question from accusations of misusing their powers.

That way, unjustified accusations can be very quickly closed

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