[Theforum] Getting back to work

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 11 11:04:41 CST 2002

>On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Martin wrote:
>>  > Can we get back to doing some important work?  I'm not seeing much
>>  > actual
>>  > work being done lately, which is a real shame.
>>  Michele
>  > You may not view how evolt will run its live chat as important.
>>  Others disagree.
>i don't think she was saying anything was un-important,

Maybe you're right, Dan, but when I awoke this morning (at a 
reasonable time, thankfully), I too was pondering how Michele opened 
her email (no, Martin and I haven't commiserated off list or 
anything, though I did have two very nice conversations with Javier 
and Ron on ICQ last night).

Her first sentence, "Can we get back to doing some important work?" 
sounds like the work some of us are putting into a policy for #evolt 
is unimportant work.

Michele, please clarify (rather than anyone else saying what they 
think Michele meant, I'd rather hear it from you). Did you mean to 
say that the work we're doing is unimportant? If not, what did you 
intend by opening your email that way?

Dan wrote:
>just that in case
>anyone wants to contribute in other areas besides the discussion about
>irc, here are some other things that are going on.

That's great, I'm all for it. If there was no implied judgement in 
Michele's first two sentences (not to mention the subject line), then 
they shouldn't have been needed at all. They could have been left off 
and she could have achieved her goal of getting feedback on her ideas 

More on the topic of promoting positive communication on another 
thread I'm about to start, if I can get it together in time to also 
shower and get to work!


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