[Theforum] Getting back to work

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 11 11:22:57 CST 2002

hey 'nuh :)

i'm really not trying to get into it(which you know), but some people may
not think the discussion about #evolt is *as* important as say, taking
survey results and putting them into plans. some people do.

everyone here probably has a slightly different opinion on where tasks at
hand for evolt fall into place in terms of importantcy, and thats cool.

it's an opinion that everyones entitled too, just like if a person were to
think that a discussion about #evolt is more important than the survey
stuff. again, its opinion.. i'm not saying how mich opened her email was

maybe with all the tenseness theres some over-analyzing going on, or
maybe michele meant to say that she thinks the work on #evolt is less
important than baking cookies, or maybe she didn't mean anything.. but
thats *my* opinion, if all those maybes count as an opinion ;)

hope the job search goes well


On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Marlene Bruce wrote:
> Maybe you're right, Dan, but when I awoke this morning (at a
> reasonable time, thankfully), I too was pondering how Michele opened
> her email (no, Martin and I haven't commiserated off list or
> anything, though I did have two very nice conversations with Javier
> and Ron on ICQ last night).
> Her first sentence, "Can we get back to doing some important work?"
> sounds like the work some of us are putting into a policy for #evolt
> is unimportant work.
> Michele, please clarify (rather than anyone else saying what they
> think Michele meant, I'd rather hear it from you). Did you mean to
> say that the work we're doing is unimportant? If not, what did you
> intend by opening your email that way?

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