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javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Fri Jan 11 11:38:51 CST 2002

Michele Foster wrote:

> The IA material you've been sending out .. obviously you would like
> feedback.  :)  Can we break it up into smaller details and discuss the
> various aspects of what you're proposing?  For example, can we concentrate
> on weo now, discuss that .. then move on to other subsites and areas?

We should organize this a bit more. Madhu says we're rushing
this too much and we should take a few steps back, he has a
good point. 

I think we should start by checking the objectives for the
redesing and documenting some ideas about our audience.

Seeing the printed document last weekend, I realized that
objective #1 and #4 were just the same, Marlene gave me some
feedback on that last night which was very useful, but I
left it home. (Marlene, if you're around please send it to

> I have to admit to be overwhelmed with the vast amount of information you're
> sending to us.  I'd like to comment, but I'm at a loss where to start ;).

I'd appreciate feedback on any particular feature each of
you would like to comment on, I have no clue how used you
are on these methods.

I also want to know what you need to see more clearly
explained, it's very easy to leave details undocumented
which are clear on my head.

> Now, my next question is .. the new list that's been created .. is that
> specifically to discuss evolt.org's new IA?  I mean, are the IA discussions
> being taken off of theforum and moved to this new list?  Or is the new list
> to answer questions for Lou with respect to evolt.org?   I'm trying to
> determine where I should be in order to discuss new features, improve upon
> existing features, etc.
> One final point .. it's a thin line whether IA for the site belongs on this
> mailing list or on thesite.  My thoughts are that thesite deals with How to
> do things, while this list deals with What to do.  As such, I personally
> think the IA discussions belong on here.  Obviously, we need input from
> those members most familiar with thesite, inasmuch as to say, no that idea
> will not work at all (i.e. cursory thought planning into how something could
> work). I'm open to suggestions and other interpretations of the differences
> between this list and thesite list.

All very valid questions. The problem is this project is
relevant to all such lists. Normally, all the site
development starts on thesite, IA decisions are taken there,
but I opened the conversation here considering it as a wider
interest discussion that would follow the analysis of the
survey results, and once we have the decisions documented,
we move it over to thesite. It looks like the same way you
see it, dan also agreed on this strategy.

Madhu is also right at saying that the survey results still
have lots of things to harvest (I wish he wasn't so busy -
not blaming you brother)

Now, the difference between this list and the other is even
more complex.
The ia list we set up yesterday is for the discussion of the
case study review Lou is working on, but that review *does*
include the redesign project. 

I believe the main difference is the audience: 

Lou wants to discuss his review wiht the people most closely
involved, he also can't waste time filtering what is
relevent on not on this list for his purpose.

I wanted to keep the IA redesign discussion here in order to
get more people involved, even if they're just reading they
could learn lots of stuff.

So now I'm feeling just as confused as you are:

Should we move all the IA discussion to the ia list?
Should we keep the redesign project discussion here, and
'cc' messages to the ia list.


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