[Theforum] Getting back to work

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 11 11:47:34 CST 2002

Hey Dan,

Sure, I understand were you're coming from, and I have no problem 
with whether people find one thing or another more important. I do 
have a problem with opinions being stated in a divisive way.

After all, Michele could have just said, "While others are talking 
about #evolt policy, I'd like to introduce a new topic." That would 
have indicated perfectly well that she had a totally new subject to 
broach which she found worthwhile in putting *her* time and attention 
into. And more power to her!

We've had a lot of bad feelings flying around in the last 6 months, 
and it's not getting better, and they're starting to invade this list 
as well. I am trying to impress on everyone that keeping personal 
feelings out of non-personal topics is the best way to go. Adding a 
tone of judgement, especially an arrogant one (my opinion only) 
saying, "Can we get back to doing some important work?" to the start 
of a new thread doesn't promote warm feelings.

Sorry, Michele, I'm not trying to single you out, but maybe you can 
see how your email was interpreted by some of us. Maybe even just a 

BTW Dan, I hope to call you later and chit chat. But now, I'm late for work!


P.S. Maybe I'll get to that other thread I was going to suggest when 
I've had more time to think about it...

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