[Theforum] Getting back to work

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Jan 11 11:50:34 CST 2002

Hi Michele,

Guilty!  Um, yeah ... I *did* agree to 'wallow' in the question #9 (How
can we improve Evolt?) responses.

Here's what I've had time to come up with ...  (yeah, yeah -
'part-time'/lunch hours/ assorted other excuses for mediocre quality get
inserted here)


Maybe that can spur some discussion.


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From: Michele Foster [mailto:michele at wordpro.on.ca]
Subject: [Theforum] Getting back to work

Can we get back to doing some important work?  I'm not seeing much
work being done lately, which is a real shame.

Stuff to do 
Continue to review and discuss survey results .. with plans of action
incorporation in above.

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