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matthew garrett matthew.garrett at
Fri Jan 11 13:10:32 CST 2002

Not knowing what it was that happened allows me to give everyone the benefit
of the doubt. I assume that no one was physically harmed by whatever actions
took place, but clearly it was no fun for anyone.

With that in mind, I would like to point the discussion back to #evolt
policy for the future, not the past.

What I've gleaned from the conversation gives me the beginnings of a
decision list. To discuss any points, please cite hypothetical situations
from the future only - otherwise we're right back into the old thread.

Are lurkers allowed? Y/N
    If Y, for how long?
    If N, for how short?
    Oh, and how are they defined?

Who are the ops?
    How many people at which levels?
    What does any one op do if an action is viewed as necessary?
        - Consult if time/situation allows.
        - Act and notify other ops if time/situation does not allow.

Criteria for kicking.
    - Procedure (who decides)

Criteria for banning.
    - Procedure (who decides)

Who hosts the service?
    Are there hosts which offer the options that we agree are

Policy Maintenance
    Does #evolt require another list for issues that arise, and to discuss
actions taken?

Of, course we should answer/address these with the spirit of the
community in mind.

Matt Garrett

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