Fresh start. was: Re: [Theforum] Re: policy for #evolt

A. Erickson amanda at
Fri Jan 11 13:13:58 CST 2002

> Are lurkers allowed? Y/N
>     If Y, for how long?
>     If N, for how short?
>     Oh, and how are they defined?

One question I have which is maybe bordering on the philosophical but do
we have less tolerance for the lurker we don't know? If someone is a
habitual lurker is that more okay? I'm just curious what people's
thought are on this. I'm inclined to fall on the side of let lurkers
lurk but I'd like to figure out where our feelings lie on this.

> Who are the ops?
>     How many people at which levels?

At least a handful at the top. I would like other people to be able to
change the topic at any point. I haven't been to happy with the topics
that have been listed. They seem like digs more often than not. I'd like
someone to be able to change those to something more appropriate as

>     What does any one op do if an action is viewed as necessary?
>         - Consult if time/situation allows.
>         - Act and notify other ops if time/situation does not allow.

I think both are good criteria. 

> Criteria for kicking.
>     - Procedure (who decides)

I think it has to be the people in the room to decide who to kick and it
should be for behavior issues.

> Criteria for banning.
>     - Procedure (who decides)

Banning seems more extreme to me -- maybe it's not. I really can't think
of any reason to ban anyone unless they are being really abusive.

> Who hosts the service?
>     Are there hosts which offer the options that we agree are 
> valuable/necessary?
> Policy Maintenance
>     Does #evolt require another list for issues that arise, 
> and to discuss actions taken?

God, I hope not.

- amanda

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