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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Jan 11 13:30:51 CST 2002

At 11:08 PM 1/11/2002, javier velasco typed these words:

>We should organize this a bit more. Madhu says we're rushing
>this too much and we should take a few steps back, he has a
>good point.

In case you're wondering when I said this, it was in private email to 
Javier. He had asked for some comments about the IA project and the 
perceived lack of interest in this forum.

Since he's quoted me on it, here's what I wrote to him:


I believe that by doing the IA before we've examined, analysed and 
discussed the survey results, we're jumping the gun. I would love to work 
with you on this project, but we user experience folks must work from real 
data. And there's plenty of that just waiting to be discussed. So let's do 
that first. Then we can conduct a content inventory and do all the cool 
stuff that we do.


>All very valid questions. The problem is this project is
>relevant to all such lists. Normally, all the site
>development starts on thesite, IA decisions are taken there,

Let's keep the IA discussion here. The IA is certainly "the future of 

>Madhu is also right at saying that the survey results still
>have lots of things to harvest (I wish he wasn't so busy -
>not blaming you brother)

Well, I just got some work (finally) from a client - designing a new 
software system for them. So I'm not as free as I used to be. But I'd like 
to contribute as much as I can to this effort. I've downloaded your PDFs. 
Will look them over tomorrow morning.

>Should we move all the IA discussion to the ia list?
>Should we keep the redesign project discussion here, and
>'cc' messages to the ia list.

The CC method might be best.



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