[Theforum] quick thought on our search boxes

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jan 12 13:25:55 CST 2002

> Wouldn't the radio buttons provide the correct distinction
> for the search engine?

i'm not jeff -- obviously (who is?) -- but yes

jeff, what did you mean by "right now each of the search forms points to a
different spot on the website"?

just change all the search forms to a common one, and have its action page
simply detect the search type, and cflocate or whatever to the appropriate
current search page...


also, sorry jeff, no offence, but i think i disagree with your other
idea --

> we shouldn't need to specify whether we want to search users,
> articles, comments, tips, whatever. the search should automatically
> just search them all and return results.

i would think having the option would be a good, almost necessary thing

if i'm after a particular article, for example, i would hate to have users,
comments, tips, whatever, cluttering up the search results

but rather than radio buttons, let's use a dropdown list with the
"multiple" attribute -- takes up less room, is expandable, and checkboxes
(to allow multiple choice) are way harder to code for

unless i misunderstand (or, equally likely, fail to understand at all), we
could implement this now, even before the comprehensive search query is
developed -- and oh, what i'd give to fool around with something like



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