[Theforum] quick thought on our search boxes

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 12 18:10:51 CST 2002

On Sunday, January 13, 2002, at 12:02  am, Marlene Bruce wrote:

> .jeff wrote:
>> checkboxes to allow multiple choice aren't difficult to code for at 
>> all, ime.  in fact, from a server-side perspective i have to code for 
>> a multi-select the same way i have to code for multiple choice 
>> checkboxes.
> Wait, I was talking radio buttons, not checkboxes. But I still agree 
> with the way this thread is going, where we eventually allow for 
> searching in multiple areas. But wouldn't the radio button option 
> simplify things by only being able to choose one area to search?

 From the "low hanging fruit and it's better than what we have now" 
school of interim solutions, makes a lot of sense. Or alternatively, 
don't differentiate at all, just search everything.

However, I think Joel's Checkbox solution for Jeff's "Where the hell 
*was* that thing" use-case makes a lot of sense, perhaps with Articles 
and Comments checked by default..?

It would be interesting to do some research to see if users' mental 
models differentiate strongly between the  article author's work and 
comments on it, or are they sub-branches of "Article" (= Page)?


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