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Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Sun Jan 13 09:34:23 CST 2002

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> > i don't like the idea of using a select with the multiple option.  many
> > people, including some web developers don't know how to use them.
> > additionally it requires using the keyboard in addition to the mouse.
>...but surely the "right" way to do this would be with
>checkboxes?  Rudy's right, having OR but not AND wouldn't
>be ideal.  And Jeff's right, drop-down lists are a bit
>nasty (not least from a usability point of view).


My first thought on seeing this thread was "oh no, not again". I've just 
convinced a client to go with checkboxes from a usability perspective, 
after several weeks of debate. Already, we're seeing the number of 
consecutive searches by single users down, as a lot of users make use of 
the multiple options and find what they're looking for sooner.

Chances are, although a user might know what they want to find, they 
generally don't know the correct categorisations to search under unless 
they have specialised knowledge of the site or subject.


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