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javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Mon Jan 21 06:45:14 CST 2002

"A. Erickson" wrote:
> You know, I hate to bring up bad blood. But shouldn't this be something
> that is discussed here?
> http://members.evolt.org/djc/stdio/index.cfm/daddy/show/mommy/124
> It has been argued that Dan's blog is a personal journal. Clearly this
> is not the case. I just want to know -- are we discussing evolt matters
> in "Dan's personal journal" or what?

My only problem with people discussing things like such on that kind of
is that we get to miss good and relevant information.

The issue discussed over there is considered within this document as
part of 
the redesign onf the member site. 


It would be much more helpful if the conversation was kept here. However
comments in such blog are MUCH better than no comments at all.
The only problem is trying to catch up with many different sources of

Thanks for opening the question matt. 
Now, if wou'd somehow made a bridge between thos forum and that one, i'd
have your picture framed here over my desk :)

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